Become An Artist In Under 3 Minutes!

For those of us who weren’t blessed with the natural talents of drawing or artistry you are in luck! As the most knowledge Tinker Bell once said “all you need is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust” or in our case a computer, WIFI, a picture, and the GIMP app!

Step 1: Download the GIMP app from the Microsoft store or a download directly from under the download tab

Step 2: Create A Split Screen with YouTube and the GIMP app and copy and paste this link into YouTube Turn Image into a Pencil Drawing – GIMP Tutorial – YouTube

Step 3: Follow the Tutorial and follow along with the video as you edit your photo

Step 4: Enjoy your new “hand drawn” image and show off to your family and friends how much of an amazing artist you are!

I decided to follow these steps and create my own hand drawn image to!

I chose to draw a picture of my dog daisy. As a kid and growing up people were always drawing pictures of their pets, houses, clothes, etc. but as I was not gifted with the talent of being able to draw I was never able to participate with these activities. But now with the help of GIMP I was able to turn a picture of my dog into an abortable pencil drawing to share with everyone!

DGST 106 Assignment Bank – Draw It.

ds106 Assignments: Draw it.

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