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1st I want to share my reflection on the readings about how to become a better photographer and tips about photography; along with some tips I wanted to share!

How To Be A Better Photographer – Reflection – ANYTHING GOES with Natalie Baca (

Next, I wanted to share my Photo Safari and within this post my reflection on the experience that I had while completing this assignment!

Photo Safari – ANYTHING GOES with Natalie Baca (

This week I also had the chance to work through a couple of assignments within the DGST 106 – Assignment bank and I wanted to share those assignments’ names for those that I did and my links to them!

Five Frame Story – PupCup – ANYTHING GOES with Natalie Baca (

Draw it! – Become An Artist In Under 3 Minutes! – ANYTHING GOES with Natalie Baca (

Say it like peanut butter – We Are Infinite – ANYTHING GOES with Natalie Baca (

Mixing Two Worlds – The Climb – ANYTHING GOES with Natalie Baca (

This week has been quite interesting through a photo safari and GIF making I feel like I have seen it all in the world of visual storytelling this week. I don’t think I truly realized how much images and photographs contributed to story telling and all that goes into a seemingly simple photograph – but as they say “a picture is worth a thousand words” and after this week I completely agree with this statement. What was easy to me this week was taking a picture and then after the fact looking back on it to find the “deeper meaning” because when it comes to pictures and photography I am not usually one to slow down, take it all in, and create the perfect shot. Rather I am the type of person to rush through things and shoot, shoot, shoot, tons of pictures looking at them later and having to drift through tons of picture just to find the one I wanted in the first place. What drove me a little crazy was having to sit there and figure out the proper angles, lighting, and so many other factors for the perfect picture, BEFORE EVEN TAKING THE PICTURE! This week taught me some patience and appreciation in regards to photos and visual storytelling. What I really enjoyed though (even though I was annoyed at it at first) was the Photo Safari. It made me look at my surroundings in a different light trying to look for meaning BEFORE I took a picture which was different than what I was conventionally used to. All in all that assignment led me out of my comfort zone taking pictures and made me scratch beyond the surface which was very interesting and a cool experience for me!

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