Photo Safari

I started my photo safari at 8:52pm and from here the journey began….


And the journey came to a close at 9:06pm

I chose my balcony/room as the place for my photo safari. I chose this because there were multiple settings, lights, backgrounds, angles, and so much more available in just one room/conjoining room. It was definitely an interesting experience. Many of the pictures I took were pictures that I would never just simply take pictures of yet things I see every day in passing. It was interesting to capture little moments in my surroundings that I experience daily, yet never take the time to truly look at and capture all that they entail. Without the proper prompt that I got from this assignment I wouldn’t have seen my little wooden statue’s interesting shadow or the complexity in the sky’s sunset. I think the most inventive was looking at my neighbors roofline and seeing the conjoining angles that they presented and how that caught my eye. Also special shout out to the prompt to take a picture at an unusual angle in which I decided to take a picture if I was an ant and It was cool/weird to see the world I experience in such a different light than I do everyday without any thought. Overall I really liked this experience and challenge that it entailed to see the normal things around you in a different light and in a creative way. I would recommend and challenge everyone to participate in a “photo safari” and experiment in different environments to see the results you get.

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