Introducing Me!

Hello! My name is Natalie Baca and I am a 21 year old rising senior at UMW! I am majoring in Biomedical Sciences and Minoring in Neuroscience. After UMW I hope to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. I currently work both as a Dance Teacher and as a Physical Therapy Technician and I absolutely love what I do. I am originally from Virginia Beach and lived there for around 17 years (basically forever) but moved to Fred last summer and live here full time now! A “fun fact” about me is that I am a dancer and have been dancing since I was 3 (literally fresh out of diapers). At UMW I am a member, choreographer, and officer in PAC our Performing Arts Company on campus and love love love that I am able to dance in college with an amazing dance company. My hobbies include dance, going to the beach, going thrifting, and being with friends. I have an Olde English Bulldog named Daisy back home in VB that I miss so so much so be prepared to see lots of pictures of her!

I am far from being technologically savvy but wanted to take this course/am excited for this course to learn more about technology and all that it can do for us!

In addition to my next post with a link to my Flickr account, I wanted to incorporate some pictures that captured some of the most important aspects of my life: dance, my friends, my sister, my dog daisy, and then just some pictures that encapsulated good memories!

Enjoy and always remember, Anything Goes!

I can’t think of a better way to know someone than by learning what type of music they listen to. One of my favorite bands at the moment is the Lumineers and I wanted to share a song that has been on my liked songs playlist since it came out and is on constant repeat my car, “WHERE WE ARE”. The song is absolutely amazing and has a great meaning behind it with the main lyric being “I don’t know where we are, but it will be okay” and I think this is just a lovely outlook on life and therefore it wins the spot of being my favorite song at the moment! I also recently got to see The Lumineers perform live and perform this song and it was a moment I will never forget and will cherish those memories forever!

Annnnnnd the final part of my introduction is a video snippet to introduce myself. For this I wanted to share a video from last year and it was a tap piece that I choreographed called “Bury A Friend” For PAC’s Big Show. I am sharing a rehearsal video which is a video I took and then also the professional video from PACs YouTube Account as well to show how the piece came to life on stage! I absolutely loved the way this piece turned out and thought it was great to share to introduce myself because one’s own choreography is always part of themselves. Enjoy!

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